Smokey Cornwall’s BBQ Sauce recipe is the end product of several years of experimenting with different flavors and together how they accent the tastes of an array of foods. Living at the time in the state of Florida, Smokey and a close friend developed the most unique sauce ever. In 1978 the hard work paid off with a sauce that can claim, “It ain’t just a barbeque sauce”!

For a long time it was cooked for family and friends to enjoy and in 1995 Smokey moved to Nashville Tennessee. Working in and around the music industry the sauce took on many different names and faces and was shared with some of the most well known music artists in the world, some of which still enjoy the awesome flavor and variety of uses. Actually the name, Smokey Cornwall was the nickname given to the recipe’s author by studio musicians on Music Row. He was known by many for his pork barbeque that artists, musicians, and producers alike would enjoy during a recording session break. Even the studios next door would get in on the action when they “smelled the Smoke” down the row!

After tasting the sauce you are going to ask yourself, Why? Why hasn’t this product been on the market? What’s kept it from going big?

All the hype and flirting with fame and fortune was an exciting time in Smokey’s life. However God had different plans for him and the sauce. In 2008 Smokey met his partner now known as Poppa Cornwall. They met on the mission fields of Mississippi in the after math of Katrina. An awesome relationship was established between these two men and their love for God and His mission fields. As they worked together to serve others naturally somewhere along the way Smokey shared the sauce with Poppa. Poppa was the missing piece to the puzzle that Smokey never had. They came to an agreement to do whatever needed to be done to take this awesome product to the world, not for personal gain but, to benefit missions around the world.

A large percentage of the proceeds generated by the sales of Smokey Cornwall’s BBQ Sauce directly benefit children in Brazil. Having been there and witnessing firsthand the needs of these children, Poppa Cornwall is very passionate for their care. Smokey himself is involved with Disaster Relief and Missions in the US and in Thailand.

“Surely we want you to try our product and help us at the same time to serve those in life that are less fortunate. But, give your tongue a blessing and taste it!”

“I told you it ain’t just a barbeque sauce!” s.c.

God Bless You,
Sincerely, Smokey Cornwall